Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor on Labor Day Weekend

Our rental lift

Dragging tree limbs out of the way with the JD Tractor.

Beepa and Kaki (note Kaki's shorts she borrowed from Daddy to cover her dress while going up in the lift)

We rented a lift to get tree limbs

trimmed around the yard.

And had alot of help getting the job done.

On Dan's day off he visited a local coal mine and brought me this lighthouse carved out of coal.

We found this box turtle in the road.

Our box turtle.

After three years we were finally able to get some tree trimming done around the property. Someone had to lift Danny up in the air!

Dan on a practice run

Charlotte (our niece form CA) with a power tool?

Before and after

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Us Lately

Tubing down the Dan River
Ask Dan what got sunburned?

The girls with their Dad on Fathers Day!

Gardens Cool stairs built into the stone wall. To keep the animals out of the gardens.

The view from Dan's Dozer!

Mom and Dad's new house. All the other photos were boring!Hee Hee

Our veggie garden

Dan's 50th Birthday gifts from his sister.

Do I see a safety pattern here!

Our canning operation


Working on the lattice for the deck

Relaxing with my dog Abby

Took a drive on the southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Rhodies were just starting to bloom.

Well the summer has brought with it humidity. Yug!

But still getting projects done.

Finishing the deck skirting and adding some rails.

Got a veggie garden in this year and already harvesting tomatoes

and squash. Teresa made salsa and I have been freezeing squash. Got our

pickled beets done and doing our famous dill pickles today.

Maybe cut down a few trees too.

Cortney and Kathy are one step closer with their wedding plans.

And Dan and I are praying for continued work in the future.

Had to make a trip to Whinchester VA. to say good bye to a friend.

We were having lunch at the Shenondoa Musuem and walked their gardens. Very pretty.

Dan turned 50 this year and he got his JD Tractor he's a happy man!>

Sunday, June 12, 2011

As this is my favorite way of communicating
I thought its only fitting that we share our
good news with pictures.
On their recent trip to San Fransisco
Cortney Mosholder and Jerry McGovern got engaged.
Jerry talked with Danny just before they left on their trip
And while they were there Jerry popped the question.
Giving Cortney this beautful antique ring.
And Kathy's Maid Of Honor
Megan came down for a week long visit.
They had a great time together.
We are so very proud and happy for our girls.
Wish you all a Happy Fathers Day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Takeing out the old to make the new

This is the way we bought it.
March got us started on demoWith the help of Jason and Kathy and Beepa and Teresa we got most of the ole deck
out in one morning and to the dump.

We as assistant supervisors asked alot of questions.

Got Teresa on the demo detail with Toby's help.

Got the floor joists in in no time.

Saw Supervisor

Got the frame work for the new addition.

Then came the floor joists

for the additionTook a break from the deck to visit Kathy's wedding site at

Sarah Duke gardens


Cortney and her man Jerry

Best Friends

taking a break from the deck with K and C


Getting back to work

Connie and Jerry helped too.

All done Yeah Hoo!

Look how big it is!